Digiscape – Human Centred Engineering for Decision Support

Principal Investigator

Cara Stitzlein, Postdoctoral Fellow (email)

Team Members

Andreas Duenser, Senior Research Scientist (email)


Digiscape FSP members (focused collaboration with Data61 UX team and and the Carbon team)


2017 – ongoing


The Digiscape FSP Future Science Platform (FSP)  is about harnessing the digital revolution for Australian farmers and land managers. It focuses on solving multiple real-life knowledge shortfalls in the land sector simultaneously by building a common big data infrastructure that will support next generation decision making and transform agricultural industries and environmental action. Our (Cognitive Informatics team) primary effort is in supporting the Green House Gas Mitigation / Carbon use case where the goal is to free up the land sector to profitably contribute to Australia’s GHG mitigation targets through risk and opportunity evaluation, support for decision making, and frictionless carbon project delivery to market makers. In this space we are engaging with end-users (be they farmers, aggregators or buyers) to develop a clear idea of their problem space and then work with our scientists and designers to increase the chances of us delivering usable and useful contributions.