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Human Centred Engineering for Decision Support

Principal Investigator

Andreas Duenser, Senior Research Scientist (email)

Team Members

TBA (currently being recruited), Postdoctoral Fellow


Digiscape FSP members (focused collaboration with Data61 UX team and and the Carbon team)


2017 – ongoing


Digiscape is a CSIRO Future Science Platforms (FSP) that is creating next-generation decision tools to transform the agriculture and land management sector. To achieve this aim, Digiscape will bring to bear cutting edge climate science; new sources of locally and remotely sensed data; informatics for agro-ecosystems; rigorous analysis of uncertainties; and innovation in both the ICT and social dimensions of systems integration.

Our involvement in Digiscape is within an interdisciplinary team working on harnessing data, mathematical and behavioural models, and digital technology to allow Australia to harness the potential of land based carbon mitigation and abatement as part of its transition to a low carbon economy. This is an incredibly complex decision space for land managers; decisions are multi-temporal, multi-attribute and heavily anchored in land-manager values and the geographic and business context, and bounded by the legislative and market mechanisms that give value to carbon offsets.  Entry points for decision are diverse, and highly personal.  While this project focusses on supporting decisions by farmers and land managers looking to operate in carbon markets, we hope to uncover broader principles for human centred design of decision support systems in complex, context rich situations where decisions are heavily influence by value based criteria.

Our team work focuses on uncovering the decision requirements of land-managers looking to engage in carbon markets through engagement with stakeholder groups, design of decision support tools for farmers, and testing novel interactive technologies.