Cognitive Informatics Lab

The Data 61 / CSIRO Cognitive Informatics Lab is a shared space to develop, design and evaluate novel interfaces and user experiences with new technologies. One of our goals is to develop and apply objective and quantitative measurements of user experience.

For our work we use state of the art technology and low-cost portable sensors such as

  • Biosemi ActiveTwo system to measure 32-channel EEG, GSR, Heart rate and EMG
  • Various eye-gaze trackers including SMI RED 500, various Tobii trackers (EyeX 1 & 2, Tobii Glasses 2, etc.), and Gazepoint tracker
  • NeuLog Logger Sensors to wirelessly measure GSR
  • Touch screen monitors and touch overlays
  • and many other resources such as vision, colour charts etc.
Tobii Glasses wearable eye tracking device (

The lab’s is co-located with the Immersive Experiences Lab.

For further information please contact Andreas Duenser or Ulrich Engelke.