The Cognitive Informatics team’s work focuses on better understanding human behaviour, information processing, and decision making with the goal of augmenting human capabilities in critical task environments, human-machine interaction, and data driven science discovery. We seek to improve human effectiveness and performance as well as maximising trust in automated systems and data.

Our research has three interrelated foci:

  • human-factors informed design of interactive interfaces using emerging technologies;
  • representation and visualisation of data for enhanced analytics;
  • and novel quantitative measurement and evaluation of users’ interaction with and reaction to systems:
    • development of novel quantitative and qualitative methodologies for assessing human-computer interaction
    • evaluation of human perceptions, behaviours and reactions to first-of-its kind systems and interfaces.

We are applying several scientific capabilities to a range of internal and external projects. This website aims to provide a high level overview of the current activities and may not be exhaustive of all activities that the team is involved in.

For detailed information please also refer to the extensive publications list or get in touch with any of the team members.