Welcome to the Chemistry and Polymer Group – the home of all things related to the application of the science of chemistry to all manner of chemicals and polymeric materials, from innovative green technologies for making pharmaceuticals better, through to new paints and photochromic lens for sunglasses.

The history of industrial chemistry at CSIRO dates back to the early 1940’s and has undergone a number of changes since that time. Currently, the Group focuses on three core themes:

  • Flow Chemistry – A wide range of intensified continuous flow processing solutions, developed over the past years, have proven to be more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more cost effective than conventional batch manufacture. Flow chemistry in combination with several other enabling technologies, such as additive manufacturing, photochemistry, high pressure processing or electrochemistry, provides the chemical industry with a toolbox of new manufacturing solutions capable of transforming the industry by radically improving existing chemical processes and enabling the manufacture of previously inaccessible materials.
  • Polymer Chemistry – The home of free-radical chemistry. We have made seminal discoveries in controlling radical polymerisations and also a range of other technologies. We continue to combine our expertise in polymer chemistry, synthetic chemistry, polymer analysis and characterisation to create precisely engineered polymers for industrial applications. Our polymer capability is underpinned by our strength and track record in small molecule synthesis.
  • Polymer Science – Polymer science is understanding how polymers material properties translate into materials. We have particular depth in characterising and manipulating material interphases and use this insight to develop a range of adhesives, interlayers and coatings. We work across the aerospace, automotive, and construction. One of our most famous technologies is the Topcoat reactivation technology.