SIMA Austral (Chile, 2016-Current)

SIMA Austral

SIMA Austral, the FIE V008 -Integrated Ecosystem-based Sanitary and Environmental Management System for the Aquaculture of Chile, is a multiyear project funded by the Strategic Investment Fund (FIE) of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile and executed by the management agency SERNAPESCA ( in conjunction with CSIRO Chile. This project seeks to transform and enhance the national aquaculture sector through the implementation of an integrated environmental and sanitary management system based on an exosystemic triple-bottom-line approach.

SIMA Austral, will build upon existing infrastructure and capability from across Chilean agencies involved in aquaculture and marine resource management and will be comprised of the following three work packages:
1. Systems models for Risk Assessment – to provide advice on the many forms of aquaculture carrying capacity, a purpose-built systems model will be constructed from several sub-models including economic (micro- and macro-), epidemiological, production, connectivity and food web models.

2. Data management, integration and visualization – to provide SERNAPESCA and other end-users with integrated assessment, reporting and visualization products, a series of data systems and services will be built upon existing computation infrastructure in order to draw together existing and new, structured and unstructured data sources.

3. Environmental Monitoring and Modelling – to provide tactical marine intelligence for understanding (i) current and evolving conditions, (ii) the most relevant management options, and (iii) how to minimise economic loss and/or environmental degradation, improved environmental monitoring methodologies and a coupled hydrodynamic and biogeochemical model will be implemented over a region of Patagonian coastal waters.

This web page describes this last effort – the hydrodynamic model implementation.