Near-Real-Time Results

The global ocean operational model OceanMAPS is used to force the GBR model on the open boundaries. OceanMAPS is operated by BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) and is a data assimilating, eddy resolving model with 10 km resolution in the region surrounding Australia.

Surface fluxes are derived from the atmospheric model ACCESS, operated by the Bureau of Meteorology.

AVHRR SST images processed by the CSIRO Remote Sensing Project are included here for comparison with model output.

Click on the links at left (4km model) to view the GBR output.

DISCLAIMER: These products are under development and are for demonstration purposes only. CSIRO  accepts no responsibility for any subsequent use of the modelling results provided.

Surface Elevation

 GIF animation SWF animation Download .fli animation

Surface Temperature


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Surface Salinity

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Sea Level Comparison

Temperature Comparison

Salinity Comparison

SST Comparison

River Flow

ACCESS Wind & Pressure Forcing

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OceanMAPS Forcing

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