GISERA (GBR, 2014-2015)

Port Curtis – GISERA Project

The Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) is a large research program into the environmental, social and economic impacts of the natural gas industry. This page shows preliminary simulations developed as part of the the marine modelling component of this project.

Below is a link to an idealised simulation (pilot hydrodynamic model, no river loads, no dredging plumes). The image is created by using the surface reflectance at the red, green and blue wavelengths calculated using the optical model to render a quasi-true colour image. Following the NASA MODIS true colour protocols the image has been brightened to increase the constrast between optically distinct waters.

Clearly visible in the simulation is the suspended sediment plumes stirred primarily by tidal action, phytoplankton blooms, and during clear water periods, the bottom reflectance due to the combination of bottom sediments and plants (look for stationery colors). The suspended sediment plumes can be seen to settle over the neap-spring-neap tidal cycles, but remain strongly scattering during the daily cycle during spring tides.

Note: this is simulation is based on a pilot hydrodynamic model for the development of optical and seagrass models, and should be used to increase understanding of the optical processes in Port Curtis, rather than for predictions of instantaneous state of the estuary.