Satellite Specifications & Capabilities


Imaging frequency band 3.1-3.3GHz (S-band)
Antenna Microstrip patch phased array (3m x 1m)
No. of phase centres 18
Peak RF power 1.8kW
Polarisations HH, HV, VH, VV
Design life 7 years
Mass <450kg
Orbit 583km SSO 1030am LTAN
Propulsion system Xenon-based
Payload duty cycle  2 min per orbit
Payload data memory Up to 256GBytes
Downlink rate 400Mbps
Downlink frequency band X-band (8.025-8.4 GHz)
TTC frequency band S-band (2025-2110MHz, 2200-2290MHz)
Geolocation <50m



  • Repeat cycle: 14 days
  • 14.9 rev/day (97 mins per orbit)
  • 209 rev/cycle
  • 192km ground track distance at the equator (138–188km over Australia)
  • Adjacent paths on consecutive days