Case studies

An Australian first


We created the first entirely Australian carbon fibre, from the starting molecules all the way through to the finished fibre.

It was made using CSIRO produced polymer and white fibre spun on the joint CSIRO/Deakin University wet spinning line, then carbonised at Deakin’s Carbon Nexus facility.

This is another important chapter in helping develop Australia’s carbon fibre industry, and transforming Geelong into an internationally recognised carbon fibre hub. The region is already home to companies such as Carbon Revolution and Quickstep Holdings Ltd.

From wind turbines to aerospace, even the high performance wheels for the Shelby Mustang, a carbon fibre industry will help shift Australian industry’s focus from raw exports to high value products to retain our global competitive advantage.

Australia’s first entirely home-grown carbon fibre helps pave the way for Australian industry to mass-produce the next generation materials, growing our manufacturing industry and generating jobs of the future built on home-grown innovation.

From polymer to carbon fibre
From polymer to carbon fibre

From polymer to carbon fibre