The Team

Dr. Anna Koltunow
CSIRO, Adelaide, Australia
Dr Koltunow has research interests in plant seed and fruit development and is an internationally recognised expert in an asexual form of seed formation in plants called apomixis… Read more

Dr. Marc C. Albertsen
CortevaTM Agriscience Agriculture Division of DowDuPontTM, Iowa, USA
Dr Albertsen is a DuPont Fellow and Research Director of the Research for Enhanced Adaptation and Crop Hybridization (REACH) group at DowDuPontTM…. Read more

Dr. Andreas Houben
Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Gatersleben, Germany
Dr Houben is the Group Leader of the Chromosome Structure and Function Group at IPK…Read more

Professor Luca Comai
Univeristy of California Davis, California, USA
Luca Comai is based at the department of Plant Biology and Genome Center at UC Davis where he works on induced mutations, polyploidy, dosage variation, centromere function and sex chromosomes… Read more

Professor Peggy Ozias-Akins
Coastal Plains Research Centre, University of Georgia, USA
Dr. Ozias-Akins has been researching apomixis in grasses since joining the University of Georgia in 1986… Read more

Dr. Ueli Grossniklaus
University of Zurich, Switzerland
The Grossniklaus lab focuses on the genetic analysis of female gametophyte development and the study maternal effects on seed development…Read more

Professor Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada is a Professor and co-founder of the Laboratorio Nacional de Genómica para la Biodiversidad CINVESTAV Irapuato (Langebio, Mexico)… Read more