EOI – Opportunity to access the silk technology

At CSIRO, we solve the greatest challenges using innovative science and technology.

Our Silks Technology draws on the intelligent structure of naturally occurring proteins to create next generation solutions. We are now seeking Expressions of Interest from partners and companies who can build on our work and commercialise the Silks Technology in various markets. Opportunities for partnerships with CSIRO to develop the Silks Technology also exist.

The Silks Technology has had preliminary development of applications focused on:

  • Disposable nitric oxide sensor for management of asthma
  • Materials for heterogeneous catalysis
  • Vaccine stabilisation
  • Electrochemical oxygen reduction for fuel cells
  • Electrochemical hydrogen production
  • Antimicrobial material based on entrapment of silver nanoparticles

Additional potential applications include:

  • A platform to design smart wound dressings including wound dressings that may deliver drugs or antimicrobial compounds, or systems to sense and report microbial infection load in wounds
  • Biomedicine materials for use in tissue repair and regeneration including nerves, and cartilage, vascular and epithelial tissues.
  • Topical and internal drug delivery systems
  • Biosensensors for health monitoring and diagnostics
  • Cosmetics and personal care
  • Food safety sensors
  • Materials to stabilise temperature-sensitive compounds or unstable bioactive compounds
  • Solid-state mimics of heme proteins

Industry briefing

Please contact us if you require accessibility assistance with the Recombinant silk proteins and their use in future materials – Industry briefing video.

EOI documentation

The EOI documentation and any Addenda can be downloaded below.

If you have any queries please contact commercialisation@csiro.au with Silks Technology EOI in the subject line.

[ddownload id=”239″ text=”CSIRO EOI20192802 To Procure the Right to Develop and Commercialise the Silks Technology”]

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Please note, closing date for responses to the EOI is 15 April 2019 at 23:59pm AEST.

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