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Posted by: Naomi Boughen

June 7, 2017

Being heard is a powerful thing

The surveys can be completed on any device able to access the online survey platform.

You can help inform BHP’s decision making and make sure that issues that are important to your community are heard. You can also earn tokens that will be converted into donations to your local not-for-profit community groups and organisations.

There are two kinds of surveys:

  1. The Anchor survey is a detailed survey, carried out at the beginning of the process. It is the longest survey of the series (approx. 20 minutes) but it is important. It asks questions about a range of issues related to life in the area, the relationship with BHP, and the different aspects of living in a mining region. The results of the Anchor survey feed into the second type of survey.
  2. Pulse surveys are designed to track the issues identified by the Anchor survey, and how you feel about them, over the next three years. They are monthly and take only about five minutes to complete online.

The surveys can be completed on any device able to access the online survey platform. Once you have completed the Anchor survey, you will receive an email each month with a link to the Pulse survey. We can also send notifications to your mobile phone as a reminder.

All surveys are confidential and no personal information is shared. The data are collected by CSIRO, who then analyse them and present them back to the community and to BHP in a clear and transparent way.

BHP has committed to use community insights in their decision making. They will share the results within the business to ensure they are better informed about the things that matter most to the local communities.

The Local Voices anchor survey is now open. Register and complete the anchor survey

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