Celebrating grassroots organisations in Roxby Downs, South Australia

March 27th, 2020

Local voices are making a difference in your community

Every time someone completes a 5-minute pulse survey they are given tokens to allocate to a community group registered with Local Voices. That group can then claim those tokens for cash donations. We are shining a light on some of the recipients of your tokens through the Local Voices Rewards program and celebrating the incredible work these grassroots organisations are doing.

One of these groups is Arid Recovery, a not for profit 20 km outside Roxby Downs in South Australia. Arid Recovery pioneer conservation science to help threatened species thrive across the Australian outback. They manage a parcel of land, “quite a big one”, explains General Manager Katherine Tuft. “It’s over 120 square kilometres and is fenced to exclude feral animals: cats, foxes, and rabbits. We have then been able to reintroduce locally extinct animals like bilbies and bandicoots.”

A western quoll, one of the species introduced and cared for by Arid Recovery.

The organisation also facilitates community outreach programs such as tours, hands-on educational workshops and events like their Dad and Kids evening with running races, animal spotlighting, treasure hunts and marshmallows around the campfire.

Being a small not-for-profit, Arid Recovery relies on donations and state government grants with a few major partners, one of which is BHP. Local Voices is also contributing to that revenue.

“Last year we were trying to raise funds for drought relief work, there were animals we were trying to protect, and we had to ramp up operations and go and intervene with food and water. That is what the Local Voices donations went towards.”

Katherine also sees Local Voices as a great way for Roxby Downs to consolidate a sense of community. And given what’s happening in the world today it has never been a more important time to rally together as a community and support those around us.

Dads and Kids toasting marshmallows, just one of the community events hosted by Arid Recovery.

“It’s not an individual reward, but rather individuals working as part of the community.”