The impact of Local Voices in the Hedland community

October 1st, 2020

Local voices are making a difference in the Pilbara

The Local Voices Rewards program was initiated from the first ‘anchor’ survey as a small ‘thank you’ to the Hedland community for their participation. Every completed ‘pulse’ survey generates tokens that can be allocated to a registered community group. That group then claims those tokens for cash donations. One of those recipient organisations is the Youth Involvement Council.

Youth Involvement Council aims to bring positivity to the lives of at risk young people in the Hedland community

What is Youth Involvement Council?
Youth Involvement Council (YIC) became an incorporated association in 1990. It was established by a few passionate locals to provide essential services to at-risk young people in the Hedland community and has steadily grown over the years. YIC works with over 400 individual youth aged 5-25 on any one year across all the programs which include work readiness programs, case management, crisis accommodation as well as a drop-in centre, recreation, sporting activities and special events throughout the year. 34 staff and 2 volunteers make up the YIC team, and the council is governed by ten community members representing a diverse cross section of the town.

What benefit has Local Voices been to YIC?

As a not for profit, all fundraising efforts help out, and Local Voices has played a small part in raising money that YIC can spend at their own discretion, that is not linked to funding contracts.

“We constantly have a wish of things we need to fundraise for and every bit counts”

Youth Involvement Council is registered to receive rewards allocated when a Local Voices ‘pulse’ survey is completed.

You can find out more about Youth Involvement Council and learn more about their services and all the work they do here.