Local Voices matter: What you told us…

Data from the surveys are analysed by CSIRO and provided back to the communities and to BHP in a format that is accessible and useful. Click below to explore the results.

Results are available for both ‘anchor’ and ‘pulse’ surveys:

  1. The ‘anchor’ survey is a detailed survey carried out at the beginning of the process. Undertaken in 2019, the ‘Anchor’ survey asked questions about a range of issues related to life in your community, the relationship with BHP, and the positive and negative aspects of living in a mining region. The results of the ‘Anchor’ survey feed into the second type of survey.
  2. ‘Pulse’ surveys are designed to track the issues identified by the anchor survey, and how you feel about them. They will be undertaken each month for the balance of the three years.

Results are shared back with the community in a range of ways. Downloadable summary reports and interactive dashboards are prepared after each survey and are presented online. Interactive dashboards allow the results to be explored for each town. Another way results are shared is to host a series of Conversation Starters. A summary of the 2019 events is available here.