Rewards Program: Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms & Conditions associated with the Local Voices Rewards Program:

  1. To be eligible to be nominated to receive rewards on behalf of participating Local Voices members, an organisation must be a registered school parents & citizen (P&C) association, charity or not-for-profit club or community organisation which operates within communities neighbouring BHP’s operations. Organisations will be ineligible if they engage in, or promote, activities that are unlawful or contrary to public policy or have the purpose of promoting or opposing a political party or a candidate for political office.
  2. To nominate an organisation you must be an authorised delegate of that organisation. You will be required to provide the name and address of the organisation, its contact details and ABN.
  3. If the community group does not have an ABN, other evidence of incorporation must be provided and a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ form must be submitted with each invoice when making a rewards claim.
  4. CSIRO will have final determination on accepting registration of groups pending consideration of the above criteria. CSIRO may refuse to accept the nomination of an organisation if CSIRO is not satisfied that the direction of rewards on behalf of participating Local Voices members will deliver benefits to the region in which BHP operates or if the organisation does not meet the requirements of not-for-profit as set by the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission or if CSIRO perceives the provision of rewards to that organisation could pose a risk to community health, safety or environment.
  5. By nominating your organisation, you acknowledge that CSIRO may contact that organisation and seek its assistance in promoting participation in Local Voices to their broader social network. CSIRO may also seek permission to use the organisation receiving Local Voice rewards as a case study in promotional materials.