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How it works

Posted by: Steve Gartner

June 26, 2017

To improve the transparency of BHP’s activities and increase two-way feedback, BHP and CSIRO are working together to implement CSIRO’s Local Voices program over the next three years.

Community members are invited to share their views on BHP and the company’s activities through a series of surveys. All community members (including BHP employees and contractors) neighbouring BHP’s operations are welcome to participate in Local Voices. We aim to ensure a diverse sample of community members are represented in the program.

Participation involves an initial Anchor survey, followed by short monthly Pulse surveys. The Anchor survey asks questions about a range of issues related to community life, your relationship with BHP, and the positive and negative aspects of living in a mining region. The results of this survey will feed into the monthly Pulse surveys, which are designed to track the issues identified by the Anchor survey, and how you feel about them, over the next three years. Pulse surveys take only about five minutes to complete on a phone or computer. The process will continue for three years, tracking what the community thinks, in near real time.

How Local Voices works

All surveys are confidential and no personal information is shared.

CSIRO will collect and analyse the data from the surveys to assist in bringing insights from community feedback into BHP’s operations. Results are displayed publicly via this website.

BHP has committed to use community insights in their decision making. While the company may not be able to solve every issue raised, they will share the results within the business to ensure they are better informed on the things that matter most to the local communities.

For every completed survey, participants receive tokens which they allocate to their chosen eligible not-for-profit community group, and these are then converted to cash for the group’s use.

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