Artificial Intelligence Initiative

Artificial Intelligence

Vietnam has recognised the need for novel solutions from AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning to transform industries.

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges and has a severe impact on the world’s economic development. 

Although Vietnam has made significant efforts to control the pandemic, due to high connections to the world, Vietnam’s economy will likely suffer from the global recession. Upgrading Vietnam’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability has been identified as a key innovation priority to support the country’s economic recovery and continued socioeconomic growth.

For the first time ever, a National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence development has been prepared with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) assigned to play the focal point role, leading the deployment of the strategy.

MoST, together with the Aus4Innovation (A4I) Program will deliver a new initiative that enables applications of AI to assist Vietnam in their post-COVID-19 economic recovery and support Vietnam’s National AI Strategy. Given the previous A4I initiatives relating to Vietnam’s future digital economy and the strong correlation identified between digitisation and economic growth, AI is a natural extension of program activities.

Program outline

This new initiative will include a number of activities to promote practical innovative solutions using AI and the deployment of the AI National Strategy. View the list of activities below:

  • A4VN Summit 2020
    The annual event hosted by MoST will bring together the AI community creating a platform to build connections between policy makers, business managers, technology corporations, university and R&D researchers. The theme will be ‘AI in pandemic: Adapting to the new normal’ and will be a series of online seminars and a face-to-face event in HCMC.
  • AI Hackathon Challenge Fund
    This programming contest will take place over 48 hours and provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate innovative solutions based on AI technology. The 2020 theme will be “AI in pandemic-Adaptation to the new normal”. In addition to competing for a prize, under this challenge fund scheme, support (both financial and technical) will be provided for winning teams to assist them to further commercialise their ideas through incubation/acceleration activities. If successful, these ideas will serve as evidence for preparing national policies to foster AI in the long run.
  • AI strategy dissemination and awareness enhancement
    To enhance the awareness of enterprises on the importance and potential of AI application, a series of activities will be implemented to disseminate the newly launched strategy to different actors in the economy. This will include workshops and short training courses for policy makers.


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