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Water Technologies for the Future

Test Bed Vision:

This research test bed aims to develop the next generation of technologies in smart water systems bringing together nano sensing, active materials and data analytics.

Chaffey Dam, Tamworth NSW. Photographer : Brad Sherman on January 01 1996.

With over $150 billion in assets and $15 billion in revenue water is a key part of the Australian infrastructure plan. Planning for the effective response to future scenarios, which include a change in consumption behaviour; a trend towards self-sustaining communities; increasing frequency of natural disasters; an increased risk of future pandemics and global economic crises; means that water strategy, asset life cycle management, and optimisation of existing infrastructure needs to be looked at in new ways. With rising population growth, planning future water infrastructure to cost effectively meet demand is essential to Australia’s economic prosperity and critical to the productivity and livability of our cities and regions. Our aspirations for the Water Technologies for the Future in Australia are to meet future demand; manage diverse sources of supply; ensure balance in waterways and ecological systems; and maintain the affordability of water services.

This test bed is led by Avi Bendavid from Manufacturing, Lindfield and Shirley Shen and Gavin Collis from Manufacturing, Clayton and is a collaboration by staff from CSIRO Data61 , Land & Water and Manufacturing Business Units.