Virtual Metal Additive Manufacturing

Oral Presentation | Vu Nguyen

Date & Time: Thursday June 25 2020, 13:40



Vu Nguyen1, Paul Cleary2, Peter Cook1, Gary Delaney2, Sharen Cummins2, Tony Murphy1, Dayalan Gunasegaram1, Patrick O’Toole1, Matthew Sinnott2


1 CSIRO Manufacturing

2 Data61


Additive manufacturing based on powder-bed fusion has brought great flexibility in the design and manufacture of customised parts having complex geometries. It also poses many technical challenges due to highly transient physical phenomena occurring at different length scales which are usually difficult to physically observe and characterize making process understanding and improvement difficult. Successful development of a complete computational model of powder-bed additive manufacturing is therefore highly desirable. This presentation reports our progress in developing sub-models of different physical processes in additive manufacturing namely powder raking, transfer of energy to the powder, melting and solidification of metal, metal flow in the melt pool, heat transfer from the melt pool to the surroundings, evolution of microstructure and residual stress and deformation of the component. We discuss the rationale for developing a comprehensive model of additive manufacturing and outline the framework envisaged to combine the sub-models into a predictive model of the powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing.

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Presenting Author

Vu Nguyen

Senior Research Scientist – Materials and Process Modelling
CSIRO – Manufacturing

Vu Nguyen has been a CSIRO researcher since 2003. He has made significant contribution to the development and application of numerical methods to solve complex industrial problems related to metal processes that include casting, laser cladding, welding and additive manufacturing. In recent years, his focus has shifted to modelling, design and software development for metal additive manufacturing. Vu currently leads the AIM FSP work package Virtual Additive Manufacturing. He has contributed to several research projects for Australian and international clients including Boeing, Oventus Medical, OMX Solutions, BAE, o.d.t Engineering, Rio Tinto Alcan/Pacific Aluminium, ROH, Nissan Casting, Ford, CAST CRC. Vu has been invited speakers at Australian and international conferences in the fields of additive manufacturing and ingot casting.