Representations for evolving matter

Oral Presentation | Nick Hockings

Date & Time: Friday June 26 2020, 9:40


Author(s) Nick Hockings and David Howard

Affiliation(s) Data61

How do we represent complex things? In this work package we create algorithmic distillations of natural evolution and use them to generate complex soft robots that are bespoke and specialised to their environments. In this talk we focus on what is required to create an evolvable genotype-phenotype map for a robot or any other machine, incorporating in-depth knowledge from modern evolutionary biology and insights from information theory.

Presentation Video 

Presenting Author

Nick Hockings

Postdoc research fellow
CSIRO – Data61

Frontiers In Bioengineering: New biological morphogenetic methods for evolutionary design of robot bodies

IEEE-RAS Softrobotics Podcast

Veterinary surgeon and cognitive roboticist. His work focuses on structured soft matter, including anatomy. He covers modelling, perception from visual-tactile sensors, emulation in synthetic composite materials, and application of anatomical structures to robotics.