CORYCAEUS – The Underwater Spectral Instrument Platform

Oral Presentation | Ran Wei

Date & Time: Thursday June 25 2020, 10:55


Affiliation: DATA61, O&A

There are strategic opportunities to be gained from the development of novel optical sensing systems and solutions for use in aquatic ecosystem monitoring. Specifically, for coral reefs, these instruments need to take advantage of the range in spectral and spatial/structural information that reef systems display, in order to be used as tool for monitoring change. Corycaeus (Mark II) is a human-operated underwater spectral instrument platform developed in Work package 11 in TB07-Coral Reef Monitoring & Response for monitoring and protecting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Corycaeus is designed for tasks of measuring optical signatures and structure in underwater environments. We achieve this through the incorporation of co-aligned multi/hyper-spectral and traditional RGB cameras. Corycaeus Mark II has a cable free design which minimises hazard concerns for underwater operations.

As a platform possessing hyperspectral imaging capacities, Corycaeus can be adapted and tailored to conduct different tasks in both open sea and shallow water, to provide in-situ vision monitoring methods for benthic biosystems. The presentation will illustrate the system design and post-processing requirements as well as present results from recent underwater testing.

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Presenting Author

Ran Wei

Research Scientist
CSIRO – Data61

Dr. Ran Wei is a Research Scientist/Engineer at Data61/CSIRO. He received his Ph.D. of Engineering (Robotics) from the Australian National University in 2006. He is now a leader of the underwater optical instrument platform project and he is currently focused on hyperspectral imaging applications on agriculture and benthic environment monitoring.