Activities of the Geomorphology Work Package

Oral Presentation | Simon Collings

Date & Time: Thursday June 26 2020, 10:40


Authors: Simon Collings, Jacques Malan, Andrew Fillisetti, Andreas Marouchos, Tara Martin, Matt Sherlock

The vision of the Geomorphology Work Package of the Coral Reef Monitoring and Response Testbed is to develop hardware and software technology to make broad-scale, high resolution 3D maps of reef environments for biological and physical modelling, environmental monitoring and benthic habitat characterisation.

This talk will review the activities of the Geomorphology Work Package during the last FY2020, focusing on our on-going LiDAR development and structured light underwater photo-mosaicking tasks. This year we hit key milestones with our hardware development, successfully bench testing  a green laser rangefinder and our 3 laser array camera housing. These components have the work package poised to make exciting leaps forward in the coming financial year.

Presenting Author

Simon Collings

Senior Research Scientist
CSIRO – Data61

Simon Collings received his Ph.D. from the University of Western Australia’s Schools of Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Science and Software Engineering in 2007 after graduating from the School of Mathematics and Statistics with first class honours in 2001. Since then Dr Collings has been working with CSIRO’s Mathematics for Mapping and Monitoring group on satellite, aerial, and underwater remote sensing data, developing new techniques for calibration, classification and segmentation of digital imagery. Recent work has focussed on marine and bathymetric LiDAR, producing seamless reflectivity mosaics to enable automated classification and processing. He is currently the leader of the Geomorphology Work Package of the Active Integrated Matter Future Science Platform.