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Wheat Breeding in Southwestern China: Germplasm to Cultivars

Posted by: Colleen MacMillan

July 10, 2017


Wednesday 19 July 2017


12:30-13:30 (AEST)


CSIRO: Black Mountain – Discovery Theatre


Dr Ji-Rui Wang


Southwestern autumn-sown spring wheat region contributes 11% of China’s wheat area and includes most parts of Sichuan and all of Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces. The main problem of wheat production in this zone are: stripe rust, powdery mildew, pre-harvest sprouting (PHS), and poor baking quality. Since 1960s, the breeders and scientists in Triticeae Research Institute has  collected a large number of germplasm from Triticeae species (wheat and its related species).  Some common wheat’s relatives such as T. turgidum, T. dicoccoides, Secale cereale, and Aegilops tauschii have been used for common wheat breeding. Based on the development of wheat genomics studies and technologies, we also used molecular strategy to accelerate the breeding works. In this similar, Dr. Jirui Wang will share their recent studies on wheat breeding, and discuss the details about PHS resistant breeding as an example.



2004.9-2008.7   PhD (Plant Breeding), Sichuan Agricultural University

2007.1-2008.2   Visiting student (Plant Biology), ECORC-AAFC, Ottawa, ON, Canada

2001.9-2004.7   MSc (Plant Breeding), Sichuan Agricultural University

1997.9-2001.7   BSc (Biochemistry & Molecular biology), Lanzhou University

Academic & Professional Experience

Triticeae Research Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu Sichuan

CSC’s MOE-AAFC PhD Research Program (Canada, Jan 2007- Feb 2008).

Postdoc in Mingcheng’s lab at UC DAVIS (USA, Apr 2011-Mar 2013)

Current Research & Manager Assistant

National Basic Research Program of China (2013-2018): Genomic selection of pre-harvest sprouting resistant wheat

National Natural Science Foundation of China (2016-2019): Fine mapping and clone of pre-harvest sprouting resistant gene Qphs.sicau-1B.1 from synthetic wheat SHW-L1

This is a public seminar.

NO visitor pass is required for non-CSIRO attendees going to Discovery Lecture Theatre