Our Response

The challenges confronting agriculture are not independent and require an integrated response if we are to chart a safe and profitable pathway for Australia and indeed, to make progress on Sustainable Development Goals.  Addressing them in isolation will result in perverse outcomes; motivating and achieving change requires synergies between objectives to be captured. In addition, we know that poorly designed climate policy can decrease food security for the hungriest; we know that ill-informed pursuit of increased agricultural production can exacerbate climate change; we know that emissions from agriculture are often expressions of system inefficiencies.

We not only build contextually appropriate technology and practices to apply to these problems, but through a ‘systems view’ we literally ‘join the dots’ between the two to allow coherence and efficiency of intervention.  We specialise in participatory design, integrated assessment, systems science, value chain analysis, and have deep research, partnering and capacity building experience in agri-food systems. We use these skills to create opportunities, construct the impact logic, build the framework for the deployment of specialised domain skills from inside and outside CSIRO, and assist others in the targeting, and design and delivery of interventions.