Benefits from our Research

We create opportunities for agriculture internationally that help deliver global food and nutrition security by:

  • partnering in research in farming practice, market design and decision support to promote agricultural productivity, sustainability and profitability of smallholder agriculture
  • deploying our intellectual property into the global food system
  • analysing interventions and investments to reduce unintended consequences and improve efficiency
  • elucidating potential future states (trajectories, variability, opportunities and shocks) and responses in food systems to inform responses.

We look to connect economic and livelihood aspirations, climate adaptation and mitigation opportunities in agricultural systems both nationally and internationally by:

  • developing technology and practices to allow cost efficient reduction in agriculture’s greenhouse gas footprint
  • supporting agricultural decisions with contextually appropriate climate tools, projections and trade-off analyses
  • improving greenhouse gas accounting and source attribution and assessment of mitigation potentials to support low-cost transition of the economy
  • creating opportunities for carbon markets and land-based abatement to enable production, environmental and social objectives and increased farm-gate profit
  • working with partners to make value chains robust to impacts from climate.

We seek to help position Australian agriculture and agricultural research to prosper in a changing world by:

  • working with governments, businesses and partner research agencies to strengthen innovation systems, increase technology’s absorptive capacity in partner countries, and increase opportunities for Australian exporters and research agencies
  • accelerating technology transfer through partnership brokering.