Data-driven molecular design

Theme Leader, Data-driven molecular design, and Project lead, Using neural networks for the design of biosensors

A female scientist with long brown hair smiling at the camera

Project lead, Engineering bioplastic-degrading enzymes

Innovative bioproduction platforms

Theme Leader, Innovative bioproduction platforms

Dr Marta Gallart Diumenge

Project lead, Predicting bioactive molecules for plant health and agricultural applications

Dr Juan Martinez

Project lead, Leveraging yeast as a platform for enhanced protein production

Interdisciplinary decision-making

Theme Co-Leader, Interdisciplinary decision-making

A female researcher wearing a blue top smiles at the camera. She has brown hair and a tanned complexion.

Theme Co-Leader, Interdisciplinary decision-making

Dr Sofia Chaudry

Project lead, Helping the bioplastic industry navigate the use of microalgae

Project lead, Institutional dimensions of deploying advanced bioengineering solutions in agriculture