Data-driven molecular design

Theme Leader, Data-driven molecular design, and Project lead, Using neural networks for the design of biosensors

A female scientist with long brown hair smiling at the camera

Project Lead, Engineering bioplastic-degrading enzymes

Innovative bioproduction platforms

A Caucasian man with glasses and a black sweater looks seriously at the camera.

Theme Leader, Innovative bioproduction platforms

Project Lead, Predicting bioactive molecules for plant health and agricultural applications

Project Lead, Leveraging yeast as a platform for enhanced protein production

Interdisciplinary decision-making

Theme Leader, Interdisciplinary decision-making

A female researcher wearing a blue top smiles at the camera. She has brown hair and a tanned complexion.

Integration Specialist, Interdisciplinary decision-making

Project Lead, Helping the bioplastic industry navigate the use of microalgae

Project Lead, Institutional dimensions of deploying advanced bioengineering solutions in agriculture

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Project Lead, Economic opportunities for advanced engineering biology solutions in a net zero emission future