With STEM You Can Panel Virtual Discussion for Parents, Teachers and Mentors

August 13th, 2021

A panel discussion with Australia’s top STEM leaders across government, education, industry, and big tech, sharing insights, research and advice on how to best support students with career and subject selection. Panellists from Canva, Western Sydney University, Western Sydney Parklands Authority and Varley Group.

Want to learn more about the career opportunities for your child in Western Sydney?

Want to learn how a STEM education can give your child a rewarding, high-paying career?

Want to know how to guide your child through elective subject selection?

Parents of Western Sydney – this panel discussion is for you.

CSIRO hosted a discussion for parents of students who are considering their career opportunities and Year 11/12 elective subjects.

The discussion, led by renowned science communicator Vanessa Pirotta, invited some of the Australia’s brightest minds across government, education, industry, and big tech, to discuss the following topics:

  • Industry demand for STEM skilled talent, now and in the future
  • Explosion of new career opportunities surrounding the Western Sydney Airport and Bradfield City. How to prepare your child to take advantage of these new developments
  • How to recognise your child’s interest in STEM, foster their passion and guide them into a rewarding, high-paid career
  • The importance of subject selection. Creating a good foundation for a STEM career

Panel Members

Host: Dr Vanessa Pirotta, Wildlife scientist, Science communicator and a Superstar of STEM

Date and Times

Event happened on 26th Aug, 2021.

Recording available here: https://webcast.csiro.au/#/webcasts/withstemyoucan

#WithSTEMYouCan Panel Discussion for Parents